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Vacation Update

Vacation in North Carolina

Vacation in North Carolina

Vacation in North Carolina

Vacation in North Carolina

Vacation in North Carolina

Vacation in North Carolina

We have just returned from a trip home to see Grandma and Grandpa in North Carolina. It was a wonderful trip. Our trips home are a funky combination of shopping, outings, and taking advantage of grandma and grandpa for non-kid time. It can be hectic and it can feel like there just isn’t enough time, but looking back – it was fantastic. We ate lots of good food. We spent a lot of time together. We went to the park. We walked in the woods. We saw the neighbors. We saw old friends. The days flew by.

Now we’re back home, working on jet lag again and getting ready to hit the old routine running. It’s 11PM right now and Peanut is upstairs whistling. This might end up being a very special week! My goal is to get ready for my first market this fall. It’s on Saturday, so time is short. I’ll be at the Herfstmarkt taking place at the Vrije School Meander in Nijmegen from 11:00 until 14:30. The market is great fun for families with lots of activities for kids, think candle making and open fires! Hope to see you there.

Friday Check-In

Littles at the Dam Square, Amsterdam

As I’ve gotten more serious about my writing and my work, I feel a need to be more accountable for maintaining balance in my life and for working on long-term projects. In order to do that, I’ve decided to transform my Friday Moment into a Friday Check-in. Here’s the plan. Every Friday, I’ll post a picture and answer five questions. They will be about my work, my home, myself, my project or goal, and the picture. I’ll try it for a season and see how things go!

1. How are you moving forward at work?

A get together with a friend to work on making shirts from our boys (she has awesome fabric, I have a great pattern) turned into a mini-workshop experience for me as a teacher. Not so much in the sense that I felt I was teaching. Going through the motions of getting ready for our work session felt like the kind of preparation I would want to do for workshops in my home. Pumpkin joined us. We were able to get quite a bit done with her around and the whole experience inspires me to reconsider giving workshops at home.

2. How did you improve your home?

Things were looking a bit helpless for a while there, but the house is back to tidy today. Yesterday, I found my perfect birthday calendar while we were out running errands. I’ve been wanting to replace ours (great for poop jokes, not so nice for kids) but resolved not to get one until I found one I was over the moon about. Waiting was worth it and it reinforces all the principles I’m trying to learn and follow about careful acquisition.

3. How did you take care of yourself?

This week, someone else took care of me. Rather, six ladies surprised me with the sweetest dinner I can remember. They gave me the gift of letting me know how they see me. They said some incredibly nice things. It was moving and an evening I’ll never forget.

4. How are things going with the daily writing project?

I missed another day. What is going on with me?! On the upside, it was a day I felt so low I barely made it out of bed. Wait, that’s not an upside. I missed a day. Better next time. Sigh.

5. Talk about the picture.

The kids and I spent a couple hours wandering around downtown Amsterdam this afternoon. It was crazy busy. I’ve forgotten how many people are wandering down the Damrak, say, any time of the day. The masses of people, the different languages everywhere, the traffic, and then doing it all on my own with two littles for the first time. It was an experience. They did great. We “looked our eyes out” as they’d say in Dutch.

Summer Camping: France

The beach in Brittany

Happy dancer

House and fence


Bench for little girls

Crafting at the campground

We had six weeks of summer vacation this year, meaning no school for six weeks. It’s a bit shorter here than in the States. Instead of getting ten weeks in the summer, we get six weeks and the extra vacation time comes during the school year. It makes for a more relaxed year. We like being able to plan a few smaller trips throughout the year.

Our big trip was two weeks of camping in France. I think of it as my last right of passage for living in the Netherlands. The summer camping trip in France is a typical Dutch family vacation. It goes so far that the ANWB (the Dutch Triple-A) and the newspapers publish traffic alarms for when the roads in France will be especially busy with mainly Dutch vacation traffic. School is out on Friday and on Saturday, everyone from that region of the Netherlands (there are three) hits the road for France. They broke a record this year with over 800km of traffic jams on one Saturday. It’s a shocking phenomenon.

We went to Brittany. It’s the part that sticks out way into the Atlantic and it’s farther away than you’d think! The first week was in a pretty little town called in Locronan close to the coast. We were with three other families and had a wonderful time. The kids were out of the tent and off to play with friends as soon as they were up. We went to the pool, we went to the beach, we went to a fantastic Celtic music festival in Quimper. Those kids danced so hard and so long and so joyfully, it was beautiful. I can’t remember seeing them look so happy and free. Loved it.

The next week we went inland towards an area called the Perche. It was quiet. We got hopelessly lost on a little walk behind the campground and spent 45 minutes fighting our way through big stands of blackberries and stinging nettle. The way out involved sending Papa out to scout a route, climbing up onto big old hay bales, jumping down, and then getting through the stinging nettle before finding the road again. What did the kids say after that little adventure? “That was the best! I want to do it again!”

I really enjoyed the quiet of this vacation. There weren’t a lot of touristy things to do or check off a list. We went by Carnac to see the Asterix and Obelix monoliths, a must for any boy who has access to the box set, right? We spent an afternoon in Chartres eating pizza for lunch and checking out the cathedral. Other than that, there wasn’t much to do. We hung out at the campsite. We made good use of the drawing and crafting time. The kids wanted to draw together and I (re)discovered how relaxing I find time with paper and pencil. It’s not that I can draw at all, it was just nice to lose myself in something that wasn’t an obligation.

Now we’re back to school, back to work, back to routines and schedules. There’s goodness there, too, but it was really a break to have those days of nothingness and sitting outside. I just might be converted to a camping vacation after all!

Enjoying Museums with (young) Kids

Paleis Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo

Paleis Het Loo

I have to confess that I don’t enjoy most “kids” activities. Playgrounds drive me a bit nuts. Indoor playgrounds seem like they were invented by the same people who invented the asylums and then led tours through them. I love culture and history and books in a bad way! My kids have plenty of art supplies and I’m working on a killer library, but amusement parks? No thank you. With summer vacation coming soon, how do you do museum or “cultural” outings with little kids? Mine are 3 and 5 and I think we’ve got it figured out. Today, we left the house at 9:30, drove an hour, spent an hour in a thrift store, spent about three hours at Paleis Het Loo (one of the Dutch royal palaces), and then they opted in for a second thrift store before we drove home, arriving at 6pm. We had a great time, all three of us. Read on and I’ll tell you how we make it work!

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A Week in Scotland

Morning on the ferry

Truth in advertising

Machie Moor Stone Circles, Isle of Arran

Wildflowrs, Isle of Arran

Walking near Loch Lommond

Loch Lommond sculpture

Learning to skip rocks


Last week was a school vacation week and we went to Scotland. It was a great trip. We avoided the cities for the most part and spent some lovely time first on the Isle of Arran and then at Loch Lommond. Scotland is a beautiful place. It was very green with lots of rolling hills and space. We’ve lived here for so long that it’s easy to forget how a little elevation variation can be so beautiful. We did a couple of nice walks, visited a distillery, ate lots of pub meals, and rode on ferries. Add to that a yummy Indian food experience, delicious scones, a good friend, a surprise ice cream stop, and a super used bookstore discovery – you’ve got yourself a perfectly lovely week.