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Making: small and sweet

Mini-tote party

Wrist strap, key fob

In Dutch, there’s a phrase “klein maar fijn.” It refers to things that are small, but oh so nice. This has been a week of klein maar fijn sewing. Little wrist straps using my scraps and mini-totes to do some workshop marketing. If you follow Earth Apple Studio on Facebook, you’ve been treated to my making and mini-tote tour. It’s all in preparation for de Linden Market this coming Sunday (6 April) and workshops at Studio Jurk starting on 14 April!

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Earth Apple workshops!

Mini-Tote amongst the Borage

Meet Mini-Tote. She’s here to share some good news. Starting in April, I’m going to teach a series of workshops at Studio Jurk in Nijmegen! The ladies and I sat down and decided on three projects: a tote bag, zipper bag, and phone cover. Each workshop is three hours long and will take you through one project from start to finish. You’ll be working fabrics I select and using the fine machines at the lovely Studio Jurk atelier. The workshops will be taught in Dutch. However, if you want to participate and don’t speak much Dutch, get in touch. We can either see about putting together an English language group or see if you’ll be OK in the regular workshop.

I’m so excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see who’s going to be in the first tote bag workshop on 14 April! Sign-up now at Studio Jurk’s website!