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Labels have arrived!

Earth Apple labels

The best part of this story is the part where I walked into my workroom after dinner a couple days ago to find Pumpkin standing at my work table. This usually prompts an all too automatic mama script about staying out of the workroom or not touching. When I looked, though, I saw on the work table, at about her eyebrow level, my empty label box. After seeing me open the package, she’d gone into the workroom to get out the box so we could fill it up again. Mama humbled (again) and happy.

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Simple solution: bobbins

My bobbins were running wild. They were living in a box in the drawer and at night, they must have been having dance parties. Every time I opened the drawer to pick out a new one, there were tangles of thread everywhere. Finally, a simple solution occurred to me. I took a couple of sate sticks (bamboo skewers), stuck them into the soil around my friendly studio succulent, and piled the bobbins on top. Now they’re tamed and proudly showing their colors.