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Slowing down, moving faster

Cloth by Cassandra Ellis

Music Box Jumper progress

There’s a pattern emerging as I continue to participate in markets. The week before market is a mad dash of staying up late and sewing at every available moment. The week after is one of moving slower, but also finding some kind of non-work sewing project to stay up late about. All my plans to take pictures and write fabulous blog posts are put aside to reflect and recharge. So much has happened this past month that I can hardly wrap my head around it. I’m a bit overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to work on first. This week, doing something entirely different felt like a good way to cope, and hopefully a good way to get a bit of perspective.

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On the road: Brugge & Ghent


Last week was Crocus Vacation here in Nijmegen. We had a week of lovely weather and a great four days in Belgium, two in Ghent followed by two in Brugge (Bruges). It was my first trip to both cities and one of our most balanced family trips in the sense that everyone got to do something they really wanted to do, we found lovely places to stay, we ate out, we ate in, and no one got pushed past their limits. The result – a lot of fun!

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