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wool + sticks = beauty

WIP Report

My hat model

A Fitting Hat

So far, March has been mostly a market making month. I’m itching to do some sewing for myself, but it’s not in the books quite yet. There’s a Music Box Jumper that’s been waiting patiently for a couple weeks now and a Sorbetto Top pattern that the printer just finished for me. I just might indulge. I added an “Abandon” category because let’s face it, some projects just aren’t ever going to get finished!

Finished projects

  • Mittens (Pumpkin): Just in time for spring!
  • Drop sleeve shrit using Mandy Boat Tee pattern. It’s very wide, but I like it. Maybe another version in a nicer fabric in the fall
  • A Fitting Hat: Hinagiku Hat made with Drops Lima in grey.
  • Dress up dress skirt (Pumpkin): used scraps from curtains.
  • Knight’s pants (Peanut): A hit – must find/take pictures to share.

In progress

  • Pillow: finish buttons and assembly! (it’s been a year and 2 months in progress for no good reason at all
  • Serger cover: draft pattern
  • Button down shirt: draft pattern using Cal Patch’s Design it Yourself
  • Clutch: The next BMB Challenge bag. Waiting for hardware to arrive!
  • Sorbetto top: Put together pattern, make muslin version
  • Neutral long-sleeved top: from my own pattern. This one will have more ease throughout than the tops I’ve made in the past.


  • House pants for Peanut: These didn’t work out in the end. Maybe another time.

New Projects

  • T-shirts for summer: I think there’s only one in my pile that I really like. Time to make some for myself!

WIP Report

Angry knight

In December I wrote a post about my WIPs and promised an update. Peanut very reluctantly agree to model his new knight’s tunic for me – evidence above. Believe it or not, this is his standard “I’m a knight” pose and expression. He was actually having a hard time not breaking into a grin – it was funny. But to work! Let me give you a progress report and a current list.

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These days

These days, these days full of school and pre-school commitments, holiday preparations, sewing, and taking care of the family, these days are full. Sometimes we get to dinner and it feels like the first time I’ve really sat down all day. Taking time to enjoy the forest across the street, the rare sunny moments, and these two amazing little people I get to live with – sometimes it doesn’t happen without a big dose of intention. So yesterday, we did just that.

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WIP Report


Did you know I also knit? I like knitting. It’s portable, doesn’t require electricity, keeps my hands busy (not snacking) during rare DVD moments, and results in wonderfully soft, warm pieces. They’re usually small. There’s nothing really ambitious about my knitting. A child’s sweater will do for me. Until lately, there’s always been one project going at the time. Somehow, though, the knitting basket exploded this fall. Come to think of it, my personal project list in general has exploded of late. Want a peek?

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