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Inspiration: Wartburg Castle

Eisenach, Germany

The thing about inspiration is that you can’t go looking for it. Well, you can, but it usually finds you on its own. Last week was fall break in the Netherlands. We took some time to go to Weimar, Germany and visit old, good friends. On the way home, we stopped in Eisenach to visit Wartburg castle. The drive up to the castle from town was gorgeous. I’m always particularly taken by the contrast of the dark lines of the damp (it is northern Europe!) tree trunks against bright fall colors of leaves on the trees. Once we got to the top, the views were amazing in all directions.

Ever obedient, we followed our friends’ advice and bought tickets for the guided tour. My German is still pretty good for listening, so it went fine. It helped tremendously that the tour guide was a fabulous story teller. He had such style and enthusiasm, I think he could have turned a recipe for stew into a riveting tale! The first rooms we saw were not particularly exciting. They have been well restored, but most of the furniture and fixtures have long since disappeared, so that made it a bit harder to appreciate them. Our tour guide helped, though, causing more than one listener to gasp and then chuckle with wonder when he explained that medieval castle dwellers solved the problem of unruly storage in large boxes by (wait for it) turning boxes on their sides and inventing cupboards!

I’ll just give you a minute to gasp and chuckle. And yes, he was really that good.

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Inspiration: Pittsboro

Inspriation: Pittsboro

We’re back in Nijmegen now, but what an amazing trip home. It was our best in years. I particularly enjoyed having a project to work on besides clothing and entertaining the family. My thoughts constantly returned to getting this site and my little business started. As a result, it seemed like inspiration was everywhere. There were so many pretty things to see – there were bags to examine and fabrics to admire. There were colors to fall in love with and patterns in nature that I’d never noticed before. It was a treat and filled me up with things to think about for the coming weeks.

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