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Inspiration: Pittsboro

Inspriation: Pittsboro

We’re back in Nijmegen now, but what an amazing trip home. It was our best in years. I particularly enjoyed having a project to work on besides clothing and entertaining the family. My thoughts constantly returned to getting this site and my little business started. As a result, it seemed like inspiration was everywhere. There were so many pretty things to see – there were bags to examine and fabrics to admire. There were colors to fall in love with and patterns in nature that I’d never noticed before. It was a treat and filled me up with things to think about for the coming weeks.

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Stacks of fabric

Fabric shopping (part 1)Fabric shopping (part 3)

I’ve been buying fabric these past few days. Lots and lots of fabric. It is so much fun to have permission (at last?!) to walk into a really nice fabric shop and pick out a dozen or so bolts of fabric, take them to the cutting table, and ask for a quarter yard of each. It’s also pretty darn scary.

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