EarthApple stands for beauty in details, creativity inspired by nature, infusing the mundane with delight, combining the raw and the refined.

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My name is Christine. I’m an American living in Holland with my husband and two littles. I design and make everything you see on this website.

As a child I learned to crochet from my mother who taught me the importance of accuracy and excellent technique. I crocheted miles and miles of chains until I mastered the combination of skills required to achieve perfectly even chains. As an adult, I combine my interests in research and making for my own approach. I enjoy studying techniques and styles and incorporating them into my work. My inspiration comes from nature, my littles, quilting, knitting, sashiko, modern design, and daily life. I try to make the ordinary special, to be surrounded by beauty without having more stuff just because it’s pretty.

For the moment, that means I’m sewing a lot. I like to combine American quilting cottons with linen. The combination of rustic and modern is one of my favorite and I love discovering how it can be new everytime I sit down to sew.

Join me in my adventure and let me know what you think!

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