Back in the Saddle

Surpise! That's me and Pumpkin at the Open Air Museum in May 2016.
Surpise! That’s me and Pumpkin at the Open Air Museum in May 2016.

In the way that life is full of big and little surprises, it is entirely possible to look up one day and realize you have not written a blog post in over a year. It’s entirely possible that you are unable to recount or even really understand all the little turns life has taken in the time since that last post. So I’m setting all that aside. I love writing, I miss writing, and I’m getting back into it starting… now.

Earth Apple Studio as a one-lady late-night fabric-loving free-for-all is effectively on hiatus. In January 2015, I started a full-time job that has taken a lot of my energy, both with regards to working for someone else again and trying to learn to manage a household and work. Both have proven to be very challenging (no surprise there). While I’m sure it’s fascinating to hear about how I’m balancing those things (or not), frankly I think it’s boring.

More interesting to me these days are the challenging of dealing with my first ever weekly organic farm vegetable delivery. It’s from the Lijsterbes in Beek and I am thoroughly overwhelmed by it and loving it. They have introduced me to green garlic (awesome). They challenge me to find ways for our family to consume a full head of lettuce every week. Once, there were two. It’s harder than it sounds and also tough on a girl who is into her menu planning (me). Now, the main ingredients arrive on Thursday, looking at me and sometimes, I swear, laughing. It’s also a wonderful challenge. It sends me to my cookbooks and the internet, alternatively searching for inspiration or searching for a recipe that fits an idea. The kids are excited to have a big bag of veg every week but also less than impressed with some of the new recipes. It’s a little drama all its own, this veggie package.

As they always are, things are shifting. Lately, I have found myself thinking about this blog and writing and all the things it gives me. Writing has always been an way to work through things – cheap therapy perhaps. It’s a way to clarify and distill thoughts. So I’ve been thinking about what to write. The problem there is that trying to figure out how to do it right got in the way of doing it at all. The result? A decision to just write again. The rest will follow (it usually does).

Sound interesting to you? I hope it does. Drop me a note in the comments. Any encouragement, requests, or bad jokes (I love them!) are greatly appreciated!