Friday Check-In


As I’ve gotten more serious about my writing and my work, I feel a need to be more accountable for maintaining balance in my life and for working on long-term projects. In order to do that, I’ve decided to transform my Friday Moment into a Friday Check-in. Here’s the plan. Every Friday, I’ll post a picture and answer five questions. They will be about my work, my home, myself, my project or goal, and the picture. I’ll try it for a season and see how things go!

It has been a long and exhausting week. It started slow enough with crafting afternoons and putting together a fall nature table, but Thursday and Friday kicked into high gear and have ended with a kiddy birthday party. I’m ready for a nice quiet weekend!

1. How are you moving forward at work?

It feels like I’m doing a lot more writing and blogging than sewing lately and that leaves me with the feeling that there isn’t much work getting done. But in fact, this week I added a market to the calendar [link], made ten nine-patch squares to be transformed into bags, and have hit an all-time high for blog traffic (thank you so much for stopping by), so let’s call that progress.

2. How did you improve your home?

We shifted our dining room table this week. We had to find room for a table we bought a few weeks ago and in the process ended up shifting our dining room table. The move made the space feel significantly bigger. It was strange and wonderful. In the garden, I’ve been doing some cleaning up and planting some things that will hopefully keep it a bit green through the fall and winter: hardy lettuces, beets, and chard. I’m not sure how hopeful to be, but it would be nice if it works out even a little bit.

3. How did you take care of yourself?

I’ve embarked on a mission to go to bed at a decent hour much more often. After seeing how well I respond to all those little dots in my notebook, I took a page in my journal, marked it with a month of days, and am writing down my “in bed” times there. The goal is 11:00 on weeknights and 12:00 on the weekends. I’m a serious night owl and need to reform. Those bed times seriously shortened my computer time and have created a couple special challenges. This week I also gave myself a break. The thought of making pizza dough and fresh pizzas after the birthday party this afternoon was too much for me, so I didn’t. We ate frozen pizza. It wasn’t grand, but it filled, potentially nourished, and kept me sane.

4. How are things going with the daily writing project?

It’s getting harder to remember to write on busy days. The new has most certainly worn off and I need to come up with more solid strategies for getting my writing done. Turning the computer off at 10 and getting to bed by 11 isn’t making it easier. On Wednesday night, I didn’t get to write during the daytime and then went out for dinner with some lovely ladies. Only when I was in bed did I realize I hadn’t written yet. It was a good time to adjust my writing project to include blog-purposed journal writing when computer access is difficult. 38 dots and hoping to make it to 50.

5. Talk about the picture.

We played games at Peanut’s birthday party this afternoon. This is a Dutch game that the kids love. It’s called koekhappen, best translated as eating cake. A piece of cake is threaded onto a string and suspended at about nose level. The player eats the cake without using their hands. Blindfolds optional but quite entertaining. The kids had a blast playing and we had a great time watching!

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