Log Cabin Pillow and Template

Log Cabin Pillow

Log Cabin Pillow (back)

Log Cabin coloring

The design

Back in July, I wrote about a log cabin pillow case project. Today, I want to show you the finished project and share a coloring template so you and your littles can design your own. One question with the pillow project was whether or not involving Peanut in the design process would win him over for the finished product. It worked. He took his finished pillow camping this summer and it now lives in his bed. The extra bonus was the fact that working with him was so much fun.

I ran across his original sketches the other day and thought it would be interesting to share them. He started off with some fun and funky designs that were fun to look at but difficult to recreate. After I suggested he use one color per field, he worked towards his final design. I love his color selections and was so relieved and surprised that those colors were in my fabric stash.

The finished pillow more or less matched his vision. I made a couple adjustments to his pattern along the way (with much consultation) to compensate for fabric supply and measurement issues (ahem). After consulting with Peanut, I used the same colors as the front to piece the back and made some binding for the edges. The inside raw edges were also finished with bias tape. The quilt as you go method described by Suzuko Koseki in Patchwork Style worked out great. Next time, it would be interesting to try quilting it at the end next time to see how that works out.

When we were planning this pillow, I couldn’t find a log cabin pattern to color in. Instead, we used copies of a drawing I made up. This weekend, I tried my hand at making one on the computer for you to use. You can download click here to download the Log Cabin Coloring Template and try your own coloring or making project. Giving kids an opportunity to design their own quilted pillow is just fun. You could also put together a bunch of colored and cut out log cabin blocks to make a paper quilt or wall decoration.

Click here to see and download the Log Cabin Coloring Template

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