Friday Check-In

Voice Command Sewing Machine

1. How are you moving forward at work?

Last week I took a bag from my sketch book to reality and this week I’ve been carrying it. It’s always interesting to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It might be the size or the placement of straps or the type or interfacing. Next week, there will be time to adjust the pattern and hopefully make another version.

2. How did you improve your home?

I tried prepping dinner in the morning or just after lunch instead of waiting until 5 in the afternoon. Pumpkin loves to help in the kitchen and together we have a nice time. When five o’clock comes around, instead of me leaving the kids to their own devices while I try to cook, I can sit down with them and play a game or read a book or draw. One little change has the potential to add a lot of breathing space to our day. Love it.

3. How did you take care of yourself?

I’ve missed out on a lot of art, music, and cultural events since becoming a mom. It happens and that’s OK, but now it’s time to work on that part of my life again. On Tuesday night, I went to a video mapping organ concert event at the St. Stevens church with a couple girlfriends. The organ was built in 1776. It’s as old as the United States. The concert was beautiful and moving. The chit chat with the ladies after the show was wonderful. I’ve got a couple ideas for more outings this year and it’s going to be fun!

4. How are things going with the daily writing project?

Writing every day is not getting easier as much as it’s getting harder. It’s not a new and exciting project any more and sometimes it frankly feels like a pain. It gets to the end of the day and then suddenly I remember that there’s writing to be done. I’m also having a hard time with figuring out what to write, which blog or other writing project to work on. But that said, I’ve got 24 dots now and that’s not nothing!

5. Talk about the picture.

Did you know that my sewing machine has a voice activated function? When I say “push” it back stitches. Does your sewing machine have any special functions?

As I’ve gotten more serious about my writing and my work, I feel a need to be more accountable for maintaining balance in my life and for working on long-term projects. In order to do that, I’ve decided to transform my Friday Moment into a Friday Check-in. Here’s the plan. Every Friday, I’ll post a picture and answer five questions. They will be about my work, my home, myself, my project or goal, and the picture. We’ll try it for a season and see how things go!

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