Inspiration: Patchwork Style and Peanut

The design

Adding a strip

Getting ready to quilt

There’s something very special about making a pillowcase designed by your 5-year-old son. He chose the log cabin style out of a few sketches and played with different color combinations until he found this one. Once he’d chosen his favorite, he took it into my work room and found fabrics in almost exactly the same colors that he used in the design. The look of total satisfaction and expectation on his face when he came back with his stack of solids was priceless. Now I just have to make it!

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In My Kitchen

Beans from the garden

Lamb Shank

Stew start

Frozen broth

I’m posting along with Heather over at Beauty that Moves. Have a read and then pop on over to see more at her site!

This week, we’ve had a bit of garden bounty and a whole lot of family bounty. My sister and her husband spent a few days with us and we got to share meals together, which is really one of the best things about having house guests. It wasn’t particularly warm, so I made some stew!

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