WIP Report

Made myself a shirt!

Little Yellow T-shirt

I’ve been sewing like crazy, but not taking much time to record or photograph. It has to do with finding a balance between the sewing I do for myself and the sewing I do for work as well as trying to figure out what’s going to be a good balance here. The responsible part of me feels quite strongly that all the sewing I do should be “work” sewing. The other part has its own ideas and keeps tapping me on the shoulder. It speaks sweetly about my passion for sewing, my interests in learning to sew clothes, the joy I find in sewing for my family, the pleasure I get out of sewing things we can use every day. It’s an on-going task to find a balance, but I’m getting there! As for what I’ve been making, let me share!

Finished projects

  • Sorbetto Top: Finished this free Colette pattern and plan to make another with sway back adjustment.
  • T-shirts: I took two old concert t-shirts from my stage hand days and trimmed them down to something that fits. One was a Vince Gill in bright blue with a neckline borrowed from my Mandy Boat Tee pattern (available from Tessuti Fabrics). For the second, I widened the neckline and am happy with that one, too.
  • Pumpkin t-shirt: She’s loving this one, and I am, too!
  • Summer skirt: Drafted a pattern for a knit skirt. It’s a simple a-line with a seam in the middle that allowed for shaping the back a bit, which was nice. Like it, wear it, and learned a valuable lesson about knits that recover versus those that will eventually just need some elastic to stay up!
  • Mattress cover: This project broke at least one needle and nearly broke me, but I pushed through and we got there. The kids love playing with it and I think it’s going to do a great job this summer as a sleeping pad when we go camping.
  • Peanut pajama pants: These Sleepover pajamas came together without a hitch, as I’ve learned to expect from Oliver & S patterns. I’m obsessed now with my son’s behind and admiring how well the plaid matched up. Logical, right?
  • Little draw string bag: Pumpkin has built a beautiful collection of beeswax figures over the past two years in kindergarten and I wanted to be sure we have a safe place to keep them. He picked the fabric and I put this together in about half an hour using the method in Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing. I really like her method, particularly that the pull-cord channel gets two rows of top-stitching (one above and one below). It creates a sweet little ruffle that is just sweet. This project is also part of me trying harder to do the little things. It’s been nice!

In progress

I’m going to stick with things I’m actually working on here. The list of things I’d like to make is just too impossible long and surely deserves it’s own post!

  • Pillow: This one has been on the list for months. Yesterday I got it out and finally started squaring the front. It’s a half hour work to finish and the couch would appreciate it. Maybe today!
  • Slippers: I started a pair of linen slippers from Cassandra Ellis’s Cloth. The first one is done and the second one is nearly done. I made the padding a bit too thick, but they’re going to be comfy! We’re a no-shoe household and I have visions of a basket full of homemade slippers that guests can use. These will make a good start

So there you go – that’s the personal sewing I’ve been up to lately. Do you want to share? I’d love to see what you’re working on and how it’s going! Please share in the comments or blog about it and share a link.

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