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Oregon Sugar Snap Peas

Peas: Kelvedon Wonder & Oregon Sugar Snap



I’m playing along with the In my Kitchen day over at Beauty that Moves. Go have a look!

So clearly, I’m a bit obsessed with the things that come out of the garden and pretty much sticking my camera as close to them as I can. What can I say – looking at the world this way is inspiring! It’s so easy to not see the veins on a lettuce leaf or the little knob on a pea when they’re usually in bunches and handfuls. But when I stop and look at those details, I get a little shiver. They are just so beautiful and each piece is unique.

There are two kinds of peas in our garden this year, Kelvendon Wonder and Oregon Sugar Snaps. I chose these two varieties based on descriptions in Alys Fowler’s The Edible Garden. I’ve mentioned before how much her book has inspired our garden this year. It has been an education to see and taste how different two varieties can be. The Kelvendon Wonder started producing earlier and gives a sweeter more tender vegetable, both the young snow pea and the more mature peas. The peas pods look fat and compact. The Oregon Sugar Snap, on the other hand, started producing later and gives a starchier vegetable. The pea pods are in the picture here – twisty, flat pea pods.

We’ve got a lot of lettuce in the ground and are picking them young as much as we can keep up with it. I’m the only really enthusiastic salad eater in the family, but I’m finding ways to bring them over to the salad side. Croutons, blue cheese, and toasted sunflower seeds have helped a lot. I haven’t done a careful taste test of the lettuce yet. We’ve got mostly early picking types and a few different types. I’m interested in trying some lettuce soup soon. It sounds tasty.

The last picture is mint. I’m learning to enjoy mint an awful lot this summer. We had a watermelon and blueberry salad with a bit of finely sliced mint tossed in and it was so good. The mint seemed to bring out a hidden sweetness in the watermelon. I want to try to use mint as ground cover along the walk next to our house so we can have lots of mint in the future. This is a bunch I picked up at the market. I used the bottom leaves for cooking and put the stems in water to root. They are rooting nicely now and will hopefully go into the ground soon!

Let me know how things are going in your kitchen, then click that link and go see more kitchens at Beauty that Moves.

10 responses on “In My Kitchen

  1. Dee

    Peas are so well loved here that they rarely make it into the house. I was also inspired by Alys (love her) to grow them in my garden. I even tried pea shoots per her suggestion in the Edible Garden tv series.

    1. Christine Post author

      She is lovely, eh? I tried the pea shoots as well, once with success and the second time I let them go too long and they were tough. Lesson learned. Must plant more!

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