A Week in Scotland

Morning on the ferry

Truth in advertising

Machie Moor Stone Circles, Isle of Arran

Wildflowrs, Isle of Arran

Walking near Loch Lommond

Loch Lommond sculpture

Learning to skip rocks


Last week was a school vacation week and we went to Scotland. It was a great trip. We avoided the cities for the most part and spent some lovely time first on the Isle of Arran and then at Loch Lommond. Scotland is a beautiful place. It was very green with lots of rolling hills and space. We’ve lived here for so long that it’s easy to forget how a little elevation variation can be so beautiful. We did a couple of nice walks, visited a distillery, ate lots of pub meals, and rode on ferries. Add to that a yummy Indian food experience, delicious scones, a good friend, a surprise ice cream stop, and a super used bookstore discovery – you’ve got yourself a perfectly lovely week.

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