Etsy Lokaal

Key chain and shoe

Lanyard #1

Blue Bib

June has arrived and it’s time for Etsy Lokaal. This month, Earth Apple Studio over 50 other Dutch Etsy shops are offering free (local) delivery. Here’s a gorgeous pinboard of some participating Etsy shops. So, why Etsylokaal? How can you take advantage of delivery or free shipping? Read on!

Etsy turns out to be a great way to support local makers and sellers! So this month, a bunch of us are going to encourage that local support by offering free shipping to local buyers. For Earth Apple Studio, local means in Nijmegen. If you live in Nijmegen, I’ll drop your purchase off at your house – by bicycle if possible! All you have to do is use the coupon code “etsylokaal” when you check out. Not seeing what you want in my shop? Check out some of other Etsy Lokaal participants at the Etsy Lokaal blog. Happy lokaal shopping!

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