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Last Monday, I put tags on a few bibs and key fobs to drop off at Studio Zipp. Studio Zipp is Wilma van Beek’s shop that she’s recently moved into a gorgeous location in downtown Nijmegen, Priemstraat 1. She fills it with unusual and beautiful creations, both hers and others’. I first met her when we needed to get our dining room chairs reupholstered. We spoke to a couple different people, but Wilma was the one with a modern vision and great skills to go with it. I was so flattered when we ran into each other as fellow stall holders at the Linden Market in March and she admired my work! One thing led to another and on Monday afternoon, I dropped of a few pieces for her shop. But there’s more.

In the world of making things, you see a lot. Not so many have impressed me the way Wilma does. It’s clear from her work and her shop that she’s just oozing with creative energy. During my short stop, she also gave me some advice that felt like receiving little jewels at just the right moment. She understood the challenges of trying to be at home, be here for my littles, and find time to work and create. Her advice? Make less. Make 10 pieces instead of 20. This time will pass. They will be older and out of the house soon enough. Let work go, give some of that energy to your littles. It’s poignant and important for me to hear that now. It can be so hard to either work hard or not. If I work hard, it’s stressful for everyone. If I don’t, well, I can see the way it effects my little business almost immediately. Finding that balance is one of my every day challenges.

She also told me she never compromised her vision. She told me to make what I want to make, how I want to make it. Just keep going. Follow the things you love. The rest will fall into place. That’s nearly worth taking embroidery up for to put onto the wall. Make what you want to make. It goes along with live the life you want to live. It’s a truth so simple that it gives me the shivers because those simplest truths, they’re the hardest ones to live.

All in all, I left Studio Zipp feeling exhilarated. On the one hand, ready to go ahead with some choices in my making that I’ve been pondering and on the other, ready for those choices to happen over a longer time span. As I sit here and type, I can hear kids laughing and singing in the backyard, punctuated by the splash of the swimming pool. Those kids are crazy and I’d hate to miss out on it!

One more thing – see how beautifully those business cards turned into tags? That’s all thanks to Marieke at KukelOntwerpt. She’s the best! She designed those cards and got me to market the first time, too. She’s here in Nijmegen as well and if you are looking for design work, you should check her out.

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