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I was only away for a week, but I missed writing and photographing a bit in my kitchen last week. So happy to be back and sharing. After you finish reading here, hop on over to Beauty that Moves and see more! Now, are you ready for some food stories?

Our garden is really a thing of delight. It’s our first real serious go at gardening and I’m just delighted every day at what’s coming in from out there. It’s a big experimentat year this year, so it’s trying lots of things to see what we like and what grows and how much we can manage to eat. The peas, picked early as snow peas, are a big old hit right now. I planted out in two different parts of the garden. One set is doing well (read: going pea crazy) and the other is barely there. The plants are hardly growing and I don’t think we’ll get any beans at all from them. Talk about micro-climates! Anyway, here we had some ruccola, pea shoots, bak choi (one leaf), a pea, and a wee bit of cilantro that I picked for some noodle soup. Blissful.

One of my favoritest (real word, ignore your spell check) things to make and eat is chicken pot pie. Except the crust part. That always feels like a bit of work. Imagine my delight when I found the pie crust in the freezer! The best part of pot pie making is making the filling. The more pot pie I make, the more I realize that more is better – more variation that is. This time, I added a big bunch of beet greens along with whatever else I could find in terms of left overs and bits and pieces of veg in the fridge. When that was all cooked up, I added leftovers from the roasted veg. They included some sweet potato. Needless to say, this pot pit was a super treat. I’m a almost sad that summer is coming and we won’t be using the oven as much. But really not sad at all.

Finally, it’s my kitchen counter growing experiment. A couple months ago I saw a few Facebook posts go by about putting your vegetable trimmings in water to regrow them. I dropped this celery in a bit of water shortly after and am daily amazed by the results. It should go into some soil now, but I’m having too much fun picking it up and looking at all those roots. Since I only ever use celery a couple stalks at a time and find the quality here to be variable, it would be nice to be able to grow our own. That will have to be experiment part 2.

Let me know how things are going in your kitchen, then click that link and go see more kitchens at Beauty that Moves.

13 responses on “In My Kitchen

    1. Christine Post author

      Biscuits! I’d never even considered the possibility. I’ll try it next time. Do you have a favorite recipe?

  1. jill

    Your sweet potato pie looks and sounds delicious. I love chicken pot pie, but the sweet potato would be a wonderful change. We have spinach growing out of our ears at the moment…all good as it is one less thing I have to buy.
    hopped over from Heather’s

  2. Katy

    No way! You can regrow celery??? I must try this immediately! Also, I just love your photos, especially the first one, so fresh and pretty.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Erin

    It all looks wonderful (and my husband would be very happy to be eating your pot pie–it’s his absolute favorite. He’d probably clean dishes for a week in return for that!).

    1. Christine Post author

      The peas have been a great treat. The goal now is to leave enough on the plant so we can make a dish (instead of constantly snacking on them).

  4. Debi

    I wondered if that celery trick really worked… thank you for posting a photo. I’ve got a stalk in the fridge now that is going in water tomorrow! I like pot pies too… yours looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

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