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Mathematician's bib

Dot, dot, line, line bib

Tree bib

Wool Card Holder

A quick look at my Flickr feed revealed a surprising fact. I haven’t been blogging about my products! That’s complete silliness, because look at the groovy stuff I’ll be taking to the Open Dag at de Lindenberg in Nijmegen on Sunday! The bibs are lovely and that wool card holder – let me tell you about the wool card holder.

I’ve been asked a few times to make a “masculine” version of my products. With that in mind, I dug into my (smallish) wool stash, modified my pattern just a touch, and came up with this little number. It’s pretty neat, to be honest. The interior is a brown linen print, making this a very subdued, attractive piece. Off we went to market the Hip and Handgemaakt in Arnhem a couple weeks ago and two of four card holder sold. They sold to ladies! This is a sign. Count on seeing more wool in the near future!

The bibs came out of my last round of bib sewing. I sew in batches, making 3-4 of each style. Usually, the number of any one version is determined by how much fabric is available. The orange and blue solids are out just now, so you won’t see these combinations again any time soon. It’s really neat to see how people respond to different combinations. Some people want bright, others are looking for neutral, and still others are looking for something to match a particular personality. They’re still my smile makers, which I love.

I’ll have these pieces and more with me on Sunday afternoon (12:30 – 17:00) in the outdoor courtyard of de Lindenberg in Nijmegen. It’s their open day, so there will be plenty, plenty of activities going on, from shows to activities for kids and adults to participate in. Anything that remains will slowly make its way into my Etsy shop, just in time for #Etsylokaal! In June, EarthAppleStudio and many other Dutch Etsy stores will be offering free (local) shipping. Have a look!

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