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Zucchini frittata


I’m participating in the “In my kitchen” theme over at Beauty that Moves today. Pop over there to see some more!

One meal, from garden goodies to table. We’ve done a meal like this a couple times lately – an egg dish, couscous with mixed herbs, and a bit of salad. It gives me a strange feeling of utter satisfaction to sit down to this particular meal. I have no idea why, but it just feels perfect. It’s a bit light, totally tasty, and full of different textures, too. It’s a special bonus that the kids love it and a triple bonus that it’s easy to throw together and is a great way to use leftovers. In this case, I had sliced too much zucchini for the salad the day before and we had leftovers from our Kings Day barbecue. The sausage got diced and tossed into the frittata. The pork got sliced and added to the salad along. Everyone happy.

The herbs really came out of our garden, which I thought wasn’t even possible for this time of year. I’m going to learn so much this growing season! The parsley has been in the ground since last fall. It grew very slowly through the cold months, but suddenly took off a couple weeks ago. The first mint is coming back in a pot in the backyard. After taking the picture, I discovered that the plant’s suffering from an aphid attack. Not nice. I did some internet searching and will be making up a lemon spray to try to nix them. The other mint is from some mint I bought, rooted, and then planted. Excited about that as well. In the back ground, you can just see some lettuce leaves. That’s from lettuce that I planted last fall and has over-wintered. It’s starting to shoot this week, so we’ll be eating it up as quickly as we can.

As for the frittata – do you make frittata? I’m not even entirely sure if what I’m making is frittata, but that’s what we’ll call it. Basically, I saute some onion until it’s nice and weepy, then add whatever fresh veg is around, then whatever leftovers are going in. Pour the cooked filling into the scrambled eggs – I used 5 eggs for this full pan size – and stir to coat the filling. Make sure there’s a good layer of oil in your pan and pour the egg mixture back in. Top with some grated cheese and when the bottom is evenly brown, put the whole thing into the oven to grill for 5 minutes or so. It’s easy and yummy. I was counting on it for leftovers, but an enthusiastic egg eater in our house ate half the frittata. The rest of us shared the rest. It was good!

What happened in your kitchen this week?

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  1. Elvira

    I love that bundle of herbs. My seedlings aren’t coming up as I had hoped (I think due to the soil), but there’s a local plant and herb market in a few days, so I hope I can give my garden a headstart next week. Frittatas and salads like that are just too tasty!

    1. Christine Post author

      I’ve been starting most of my seeds indoors and then planting them out. It’s working well and limits the bare earth time in the garden. Need to start more parsley soon!

  2. Debi

    I’ve never had very good luck growing herbs… I try every year and the only thing my garden seems capable of producing is chives!

    1. Christine Post author

      There’s lovely irony in your comment since the one thing I can’t seem to grow is chives! Clearly we should be sharing the wealth!

  3. Margit Van Schaick

    An abundance of herbs is true garden wealth. I grow mine in a 4×8 foot elevated garden bed, a foot deep. For chives, a short-cut is to buy a couple plants and hey’ll overwinter for foolproof early Spring flavor. Wonderful with eggs or rice or couscous, whatever.

    1. Christine Post author

      I’m going to get plants – the seeds are taking forever to get started! No patience here, I want herbs!

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