New Horizons

Bibs in a row

Key fobs

Last Monday, I put tags on a few bibs and key fobs to drop off at Studio Zipp. Studio Zipp is Wilma van Beek’s shop that she’s recently moved into a gorgeous location in downtown Nijmegen, Priemstraat 1. She fills it with unusual and beautiful creations, both hers and others’. I first met her when we needed to get our dining room chairs reupholstered. We spoke to a couple different people, but Wilma was the one with a modern vision and great skills to go with it. I was so flattered when we ran into each other as fellow stall holders at the Linden Market in March and she admired my work! One thing led to another and on Monday afternoon, I dropped of a few pieces for her shop. But there’s more.

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In my kitchen

Toasting sunflower seeds

Mish-mash salad

Pita with zatar

Strawberry delight

Lunch guest

I’m participating in the “In my kitchen” theme over at Beauty that Moves today. Pop over there to see some more!

I’ve been lax about meal planning the past few weeks. It’s had it’s advantages and disadvantages. I like being able to jump in the kitchen and cook whatever I want without worrying about messing up a plan. On the other hand, there are also those kind of terrible moments when I have no idea what we’re going to eat for dinner and something needs to happen soon. This tends to happen to me when the seasons turn. After a winter of heavy meals, the idea of light summer fare is tempting. The weather, however, isn’t always cooperating, so there’s this fluctuating that has to happen. It’s all good, we’re finding our way and learning (again) as we go.

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In My Kitchen

Garden bounty

Zucchini frittata


I’m participating in the “In my kitchen” theme over at Beauty that Moves today. Pop over there to see some more!

One meal, from garden goodies to table. We’ve done a meal like this a couple times lately – an egg dish, couscous with mixed herbs, and a bit of salad. It gives me a strange feeling of utter satisfaction to sit down to this particular meal. I have no idea why, but it just feels perfect. It’s a bit light, totally tasty, and full of different textures, too. It’s a special bonus that the kids love it and a triple bonus that it’s easy to throw together and is a great way to use leftovers. In this case, I had sliced too much zucchini for the salad the day before and we had leftovers from our Kings Day barbecue. The sausage got diced and tossed into the frittata. The pork got sliced and added to the salad along. Everyone happy.

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