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It’s gone a bit cool the past few days. No late April snow, thank goodness, but the winter coats have come back out. The sun came back out yesterday and our sky is blue with sheep’s wool clouds, according to Peanut. He watched the clouds all the way to school this morning. It is a treat to have a little boy who can be genuinely transfixed by beauty in nature. His mother is a bit impatient with nature. It turns out that seeds need time to germinate. They need time to grow. The garden needs time and heat to really explode with green. It’s coming. I can’t wait!

Those tulips that were coming up last month are in full bloom now. It’s quite the sight. We’ve got a nice little flower path through our front yard that’s just sweet.

In the back yard, we’ve had great progress. My module planting continues. It turned out that quite a few of my first plantings were just too warm on our window sill. The result was tall, limp plants. Some of them have gone into the ground to see how they will do. Others have been taken out and replaced with a new round of plantings. Seeds I started inside in April went outside as quickly as I dared to help them grow nice and strong. So far, it’s looking good. There’s another tray inside now and they will hopefully go outside over the weekend.

In the ground, we’ve got lots of salad leaves coming up. It’s pluksla – anyone want to help me with the English word here? It’s salad we will pick young and repeatedly. We had a lot of fun with it last year and are planning on doing even more this year. Towards the end of the summer last year, I developed a bit of a salad obsession. It turned out that salads with lots of different types of leaves, a bit of cheese, roasted seeds, and rapeseed oil was fantastic! Rapeseed oil is lighter than olive oil and had a wee bit of sweetness that I really enjoyed. So – lots and lots of lettuce this year.

The peas are starting to find their way up their little frames. I did a bit of thinning and tasted the leaves. Holy moley – what amazing flavor! There’s now a pot inside that’s stuffed with pea seeds so that we can have pea shoots for our salad as well. Of course, first they’ll have to survive myself and probably Pumpking grazing. That girl has a thing for raw veggies.

My big adventure this year month was putting together a bit of a frame for the pole beans. I went and got some 230cm bamboo poles, dug up a bit of our yard, tossed in some potting soil, thumped in poles as best I could and tied the tops together. I imagined something a bit more fort-like, but that would require more space, more poles. We’ll try this for a year and see how it goes. We have an on-going discussion about how much open space and how much planted space we want to have in the back yard. It’s the Netherlands, so football space is important! It’s all an experiment.

So that’s where we are for now. The cabbage is flowering after not really giving any cabbage last year. It’s keeping it green in bits for now. I believe May will be the month of putting most things into the ground and perhaps we’ll get our first radishes at the end of the month. How is your garden growing?

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