Anya cross body bag

Anya cross body bag

Anya cross body bag

Anya cross body bag

I took some bag pictures last week to get ready for posting this bag on Etsy. It is my favorite bag. Well, it’s a new, lined and better version of my favorite bag, which I made in 2009 and still use every summer. It’s a soft, squishy pile now, but my favorite. It’s linen, a combination of new and a vintage British home furnishings fabric I found way back when and have been hoarding! Anya’s gotten some design adjustments for production. The pockets are properly put together and the handle is as well. Neither has raw edges. I miss the rough look, but this is a sturdier bag. The interfacings are different as well, so it has some body and the handle is sturdier. It’s really neat to see how much I’ve learned about construction techniques just over the past few months. This one will go up in my Etsy store in the next week or so. If you’re interested in buying it before then, email me, and we’ll work it out!

Anya is a cotton-lined linen cross body bag with lots of handy pockets. I designed this bag because I wanted a bag that would make it easy to find the things I’m always hunting for, especially a pen, paper, and mobile phone. Five years later, it’s still my favorite bag. Every spring, I wait impatiently for the sun to come out so I can stash my winter bag and pull out this linen wonder-bag!

You’ll find a lot of quality detail work on this bag. The flap is pieced and top stitched. The pockets are carefully finished with whimsical over-stitched corners. The handle has multiple lines of stitching along its length for strength and more detail.

The bag is made from a textured, middle-weight linen and vintage printed linen. The lining is a high-quality cotton.

It has one large pocket on the back and two smaller pockets on the front under the flap. The front pockets are just the right size for a notebook and a pen. Inside, you’ll fine one slip-in pocket that’s divided in two sections, one for you phone and another slightly larger pocket for bits of paper.

The main bag is big enough to hold a magazine or a journal, a water bottle, snacks, a make-up bag, or whatever else you need to carry. Linen is a strong, lightweight material that will soften and age beautifully while retaining its strength. A flexible interfacing gives it a bit of body while maintaining it’s soft feel.

Dimensions (metric)

  • Bag: 28 cm tall, 23 cm wide, and 8 cm deep
  • Back external pocket: 15.5 cm tall x 17 cm wide
  • Large front pocket: 13 cm tall x 11 cm wide
  • Small front pocket: 11 cm tall x 3.5 cm wide
  • Inside pocket: 11 cm tall with two sections, one 10.5 cm wide and the other 7.5 cm wide

Dimensions (imperial)

  • Bag: 11 in tall, 9 in wide, and 3 1/8 in deep
  • Back external pocket: 6 in tall x 7 3/4 wide
  • Large front pocket: 5 1/8 in tall x 4 3/8 in wide
  • Small front pocket: 4 3/8 in tall x 1 3/8 in wide
  • Inside pocket: 4 3/8 in tall with two sections, one 4 1/8 in wide and the other 3 in wide

This bag is currently available for sale. Please email me, if you are interested!

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