Slowing down, moving faster

Cloth by Cassandra Ellis

Music Box Jumper progress

There’s a pattern emerging as I continue to participate in markets. The week before market is a mad dash of staying up late and sewing at every available moment. The week after is one of moving slower, but also finding some kind of non-work sewing project to stay up late about. All my plans to take pictures and write fabulous blog posts are put aside to reflect and recharge. So much has happened this past month that I can hardly wrap my head around it. I’m a bit overwhelmed by trying to figure out what to work on first. This week, doing something entirely different felt like a good way to cope, and hopefully a good way to get a bit of perspective.

Early last month, I decided to treat myself to a little bit of inspiration every month. For me, that comes in the form of a book. I came across Cloth by Cassandra Ellis. It took me nearly a month to finally sit down with this lovely book, but that’s the way things have been around here. I’m so glad I finally did! Cloth is an inspiring combination of gorgeous images and interesting information. Cassandra writes about the history of natural fabrics – cotton, wool, fur, leather, and linen. She write about their story, their properties, and shares a few patterns for projects that are specific to the fabric. I’m impatient to make first a pair and then a whole series of linen slippers for house guests.

I’ve also thrown myself into making another Music Box Jumper for Pumpkin. She had three last year and enjoyed them all bunches. It’s not a quick pattern, but I love all the finish details on it and it has worn extremely well. The dress she got for her birthday last year is still in rotation and looking great 14 months later. There will be a photo session for this one when it’s done – which she will love. That one love the camera! The Oliver & S patterns are just fantastic. I’d actually like to find another pattern source for quicker pieces, but haven’t done much research. Japanese pattern books look incredibly appealing, but it would also be great to explore patterns from other designers. The idea of making a lightweight coat for Pumpkin has recently lodged itself in my brain along with the easy, non-knit supper top. Any tips?

On the work front, aside from sewing like crazy to keep up with markets, it seems like my ideas and my supplies are not synchronizing quite the way I’d like lately. Developing patterns requires a very particular alignment of supplies, ideas, and sewing time that is feeling as rare as a solar eclipse lately. Remember that bright red bag I made? I’ve finally gotten version 2.0 onto paper and am ready to sew up another version. Then there’s my Bag Making Bible Challenge – which has been waiting on me deciding to go for it with a fabric choice for the clutch. It’s not a style of bag I usually use, so it’s been difficult to even think about. I think I’m finally ok with just going crazy bold and seeing how it turns out. Stay tuned!

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