Biking to market

View from the cargo bike

Cargo bike

I was prepared for lots of new experiences when I started this business, but never did I think biking myself and all my gear to the market would be one of them! Luckily, the fates intervened an on Sunday morning I pedaled myself up from our house to downtown Nijmegen with a full load. Getting started on the bike was a bit shakey, in part because of the size but also because this bike required handlebar steering. Leaning to the side would probably only have landed me on the pavement (which didn’t happen, thank you very much). It was, in fact, a pretty awesome experience. Cargo bikes are very popular in the Netherlands and often function the way Americans would have a second, smaller car. Between the good biking infrastructure, the price of gas (currently around 8.40 USD a gallon), and the social norm of biking, it’s a choice that makes a lot of sense!

Earth Apple Studio at the Linden Market

Earth Apple Studio at Linden Market

Now – about that market! The Linden Market was a really good experience. It’s taken me a while to get comfortable with the entire enterprise of going to market. There’s the logistics (making enough, registration, getting there, setting up, surviving the day, getting home) and there’s the market day itself. People are looking at your work and responding on all kinds of levels. Is it pretty? What do they think of the price? Is it well made? Are you friendly? I love watching them smile and laugh and make jokes about the bibs. I’m nervous as they look at prices and put things down. On top of all this, all the chit-chatting is happening in Dutch. My Dutch is fine, but markets are noisy, I have a tendency to speak softly and my confidence just isn’t what it would be in English. The day went great and I had fun, but my energy level was somewhere on the limp pasta end of the scale by the time the day was over!

There’s so much going on just now, here are some highlights for you before I get to work!

  • Today’s the last day to sign-up for the 16 April tote bag (shopper) workshop at Studio Jurk!
  • Earth Apple Studio will be at the Hip and Handgemaakt Market on 6 May in Arnhem.
  • Altijd Zondag (Tooropstraat 152, Nijmegen) will be carrying card holders and keychains beginning in May.
  • There’s a newsletter! You can either email me or use the sign-up box in the right side-bar.
  • There’s an Etsy shop re-stock coming this week. There was quite a run on bibs Sunday, so there will be a new style or two and remaining key chains in the shop soon!
  • There’s an International Cargo Bike Festival happening at the Vasim in Nijmegen 12 & 13 April. If you want to see lots of cargo bikes, or show off yours – go!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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