Making: small and sweet

Mini-tote party

Wrist strap, key fob

In Dutch, there’s a phrase “klein maar fijn.” It refers to things that are small, but oh so nice. This has been a week of klein maar fijn sewing. Little wrist straps using my scraps and mini-totes to do some workshop marketing. If you follow Earth Apple Studio on Facebook, you’ve been treated to my making and mini-tote tour. It’s all in preparation for de Linden Market this coming Sunday (6 April) and workshops at Studio Jurk starting on 14 April!

The mini-totes are small versions of the totes we’ll be making for the Shopper Workshop, “shopper” being the Dutch word for tote. They have a strap that extends the full length of the bag. That long strap gives the bag more strength since it acts as a kind of reinforcement. It also gives you an easy spot to add a pocket or a zippered pocket once you have the basic pattern figured out. The straps are also a nice design feature. A strap to break up a busy pattern or to add a contrasting color to a plain fabric can be very pretty. The deadline to sign up for the first workshop is coming up soon – go to to sign-up!

The wrist strap / key fob (whatever will I call it?) was the result of my fingers itching to use some of the cool new hardware I’ve been ordering in preparation for more bag making. These just had to happen and I love the result! I have fabric only in limited quantities in my studio. That’s not to say there aren’t piles (and piles) of fabric, but that I usually buy a half-meter or even less of each fabric. When it turns out that a fabric is a favorite, those little scraps quickly become precious. Working some favorites into a wrist strap for myself was fun and I get to have them around all the time. My wrist strap went right onto my bike key, which I am forever hunting for. It can’t have a big heavy key chain because it dangles from my lock when I’m biking. However, the wrist strap is just big enough to make it easier to find in my bag and light enough that it doesn’t irritate when I’m on the bike. After finishing mine, I put in an order for more clasps and pieced more fabric. The clasps should arrive today and there will be wrist straps for everyone at de Linden Market this Sunday! Next week, I’ll add some to my Etsy shop.

The making has been fun, but also challenging. Little things require that much more attention to detail. In the end, they are nearly as much work as the large sized pieces. They have the same number of seams to finish, straps to attach, and strings to clip. But I enjoy the little things tremendously. They are so darn adorable!

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