Inspiration: Surprise quilts

Passacaglia with Penrose

Made by Restless Hands

A couple weeks ago I attended an event at the Radboud University. A friend was giving a lecture and I went to listen. Outside of the lecture hall were these amazing quilts by Willyne Hammerstein-Schoonderwoerd. These quilts were mostly hand pieced and made of pretty much the tinies pieces of fabric I have ever seen. On top of that, some of the patterns were so complex, I could only see them from way across the foyer. I was totally taken with these two, Passacaglia with Penrose and Made by Restless Hands.

Made by Restless Hands detail

My favorite moment in all these quilts was this little detail, a corner of fabric sticking out from the Made by Restless Hands quilt.

When I came home, I did a bit of resarch. Willyne Hammerstein-Schoonderwoerd is a Dutch quilter with a real sense of adventure with fabric. She’s written a book called Millefiori Quilts. I found this nice review if you are interested in some pictures and thoughts on the book.

I’m so glad I had my camera along to capture this discovery. Have you found any surprise inspiration lately?

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