Labels have arrived!

Earth Apple labels

The best part of this story is the part where I walked into my workroom after dinner a couple days ago to find Pumpkin standing at my work table. This usually prompts an all too automatic mama script about staying out of the workroom or not touching. When I looked, though, I saw on the work table, at about her eyebrow level, my empty label box. After seeing me open the package, she’d gone into the workroom to get out the box so we could fill it up again. Mama humbled (again) and happy.

I’ve had projects on hold for about a week now waiting for my first batch of custom-made woven labels to arrive from Eyluldesigns on Etsy. Oh, what a sight to behold. These were designed by Marieke at Kukel Ontwerpt. I love this little apple in an unreasonable way, which is probably just as it should be. Having the labels in hand feels like another step on the road towards making this a real business. It’s going to be so fun to use them (this afternoon?!).

These will replace the labels I made for myself back in October. Remember these?

EarthApple labels

Those were made with the eraser stamp I made myself and thought looked good until Marieke scanned it, blew it up and showed me the nearly comic error of my ways. First lesson in logo design: ask an expert! She also took care of my business cards and the logo. In addition to being wonderful about turning my scrambled ideas into beautiful simplicity, she’s awfully nice and easy to work with.

Earth Apple logo
Earth Apple logo

Now that I’ve been saved from myself, I get to love my apple and share it with the world. Along with all my joy also came the realization that an apple without a name isn’t helping me much in terms of letting people know who makes this great stuff. I do believe the next order will be the “” label order.

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