Plasmolen walk

Last week we went to Plasmolen, a little spot in Limburg quite near our house, and went for a walk. Just 3 kilometers of sometimes muddy trails, a few walkers, a few dogs, a few bikers, a great little stream along the path on the last kilometer (great for kids who probably would have been starting to get bored), an ingenious fountain built into the crack of a fallen tree, and a whole lot of geese to honk at from a distance. Every month or so we remember to take a Sunday for a family walk in the woods. I spend half the walk talking about how great it is and the fact that we have to remember to do it every month. He laughs at me because we live in the furthest corner of our little city with forest across the street on both sides. But there’s something special about going to a different forest. And if you’re living in the Netherlands, something very very special about going anywhere with a hill. Seriously – hills are a huge deal for our family. Makes sense if you live in a mostly flat country. Hills give the landscape perspective, they get me thinking about change and challenges in the landscape and in my life.

It’s been challenging for me to find a good balance since starting Earth Apple Studio. That includes balancing work and family (while working at home – ack) as well as balancing between the making I do for myself and the making I do for Earth Apple. It seems like I’m in an all or nothing cycle. Make three bags a week or you know, none. Throw myself at things or try to pretend they don’t exist. It’s not really working for me and I’m trying to figure out how to do better. It’s going to take time and experimenting. There will be failing along the way. I’m not good at those things – the being patient and changing the plan and standing up after I fall down – but I’m trying to get better. Like I’m trying to learn to take care of my body by doing simple things: sleeping. Sleep would be a nice thing to learn to do regularly. Staying up past your bedtime for a week because we got Netflix for Valentines Day (which I’m far too happy about) is not a smart choice.

I’m also thinking about this blog a bit. I used to blog over here. It was fun and messy. Here I’ve tried to be all project oriented and focused. Result – even I’m getting tired of myself. I miss my life being a part of what I write about and think about and value and share. So I think it’s going to start changing a bit. The idea behind starting this business and doing it at this moment was to take my time. We’ve got one kindergartener and one pre-schooler around here. They are seriously fabulous little creatures and I’m realizing every week that this time with them at home is not going to last much longer. The time of endless cuddles is long gone. The more energy I put into trying to make this business grow faster, the less I put into them. And here’s the thing – a business can wait for your energy – those littles, they’re the ones growing faster than I can keep up with. Let’s not let that pass by.

So while part of me wishes I would throw myself into making a ton of stuff for that market on 16 March (the Feel Good Marekt in Einhoven, which I still really, really hope is a huge success!), this week will be dedicated to a knight’s costume for Peanut’s dress up day/carnival celebration at school and to making Pumpkin’s birthday dress. She’s going to be three! And that knight’s costume, is going to be awesome. I’m thinking KAM snaps + cardboard = armor. There is also a little girl we know celebrating a birthday on Friday. I think she would like one of those little bags, don’t you? I just need to pick a color and give that pattern another adjustment… Somehow don’t think there will so much time for Netflix this week. It’s good that way.

Funny how writing about the things that are hard to think about makes them seem so much less hard to think about. Love that about words. They are magic.

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