Send off…

Grandma & Grandpa visit

This morning we said good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa. They have been visiting for a couple weeks. The littles have had a grand time basking in all the attention and love and I’ve gotten to do a whole lot of sewing and got time to get my Etsy shop up and open. It seems that Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed themselves as well – they keep talking about coming back! We call that a win for everyone. And, you wonder, what have I been making?

Pocket Detail, Oliver & S Field Trip Cargo Pants

Project number one was a pair of Field Trip Cargo Pants using the (infamous) Oliver & S pattern. They are brown baby rib courduroy, which must be one of my favorite pieces of fabric. Corduroy is plain nice to work with and easy to wear! I followed the pattern with only a few changes. I used a contrasting cotton for both the waistband facing and the underside of the pocket flap. I also added some detail stitching to the back pocket. The knee panel is double layered with hidden seams (!!!), a trick I learned using this Flickr tutorial by with love, Heidi. This pattern was full of excitement for me – the cargo pockets, the faux fly (which I might skip next time), the pants pocket (what do you call the pocket on the waistline?) and belt loops! It was a fantastic adventure. Now I just have to hope that Peanut falls in love with them. Fingers crossed.

Covered notebook with red pockets

On Monday, I had my first production sewing day of the year. The result was seven new Covered Notebooks. I’ve been tweaking the pattern and process a little bit very time and now I’m very satisfied. They came out better than ever! Somewhere along the internet, I ran across a tip to insert the interlining after sewing and turning the piece. Tried it out and bingo. It was gorgeous. So, these are now in my Etsy shop in three variations: red, green, and yellow inside pocket/flap. Mom claimed a yellow one and I hope she loves it!

I also managed to finish another bag for my Bag Making Bible Challenge, the Reversible Bucket Bag. I’ve been using my Peek-a-Boo Pleats bag, but having a hard time with digging things out from the bottom. I was excited to make something with more structure. Did I mention I’m also signing up for 2014 markets now? More details on all of that coming soon. All in all, it’s been a busy, but satisfying couple weeks. It’s going to be very quiet at home with just four of us. We’ll just have to start planning for the next visit!

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