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Angry knight

In December I wrote a post about my WIPs and promised an update. Peanut very reluctantly agree to model his new knight’s tunic for me – evidence above. Believe it or not, this is his standard “I’m a knight” pose and expression. He was actually having a hard time not breaking into a grin – it was funny. But to work! Let me give you a progress report and a current list.

Finished projects

  • Little Sister’s Dress (gift): done and delivered!
  • Kinetic Cowl: done!
  • Black long sleeve t-shirt (me): done and in rotation
  • Long sleeve t-shirt (Pumpkin): done
  • Knight’s tunic (Peanut): done

Still in progress

New projects

  • Versatile Book Bag (x3): from Lisa Lam’s The Bag Making Bible. I’ve decided to start a project with this book, more details coming soon.
  • House pants for Peanut: This are a re-fashion from an old pair of my sweatpants. Need a waistband and hemming.
  • Pillow: finish buttons and assembly! (it’s been a year in progress for no good reason at all
  • Serger cover: draft pattern
  • Drop sleeve t-shirt using the (free!) Mandy Boat Tee pattern from Tessuti Fabrics: print pattern. I’m seeing this style of shirt in the shops and am curious how it will look.
  • Button down shirt: draft pattern using Cal Patch’s Design it Yourself

Whew. It’s always equal parts terrifying and exciting to see a list like this. You’ll notice a lot of clothes on the list. I’m trying to use a work sewing break to develop my skils. Last year I managed to get good a-line skirt and t-shirt slopers drafted for myself. They’ve both been super useful and also liberating. Instead of shopping for a long-sleeve t-shirt and hoping it’s not either ill-fitting or built to fall apart, I get to make my own. Fun and more reliable. OK, maybe taking apart most of my work because of a beginner’s mistake is less fun, but overall – a win.

What are you working on?


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