Open house, open mind

Wenche Wolff Hatling's quilt

Workshop prep

Apparently, the local (this corner of Europe) Moda distributor is 30 minutes from my house and hosts an open house several times a year. What choice does a girl have? Last Sunday I went to their open house! It was my first wholesaler experience and it was an eye opener. I saw beautiful fabrics, patterns and notions and learned about the business cycle for fabric. It was overwhelming, but also super interesting to start thinking about all the possibilities that access to fabric like this presents. They also offered a workshop by Wenche Wolff Hatling from Northern Quilts to show her upcoming fabric line, Winterfall by Lecien. Despite being full, they let me join in and a couple nice ladies from offered to share their machine and good humor with me, so I was in!

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Bag Making Bible Challenge

The Bag Making Bible Project

Versatile Bag

Let me tell you what’s easy. It’s easy to look in a book and think to yourself “I could do that.” I do it all the time. The pieces don’t get made because I don’t need that particular bag or shirt or because it would mean buying some special new notion. I don’t do it because if I actually tried, I could fail. That’s safe. But it’s also a bit silly. So I make a really ugly or ill fitting piece. According to my blog stats, at the most, only about 20 people will ever read about it, if I decide to post it. And you all love me dearly, right? So I’ve made a decision.

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WIP Report

Angry knight

In December I wrote a post about my WIPs and promised an update. Peanut very reluctantly agree to model his new knight’s tunic for me – evidence above. Believe it or not, this is his standard “I’m a knight” pose and expression. He was actually having a hard time not breaking into a grin – it was funny. But to work! Let me give you a progress report and a current list.

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Simple solution: bobbins

My bobbins were running wild. They were living in a box in the drawer and at night, they must have been having dance parties. Every time I opened the drawer to pick out a new one, there were tangles of thread everywhere. Finally, a simple solution occurred to me. I took a couple of sate sticks (bamboo skewers), stuck them into the soil around my friendly studio succulent, and piled the bobbins on top. Now they’re tamed and proudly showing their colors.

Hello 2014!

Happy New Year! The littles and I celebrated the New Year in Oslo with good friends and a torch lit walk. Until they put a torch in Peanut’s hand, I didn’t realize the kids would be carrying the torches, but hey – why not?! We had a great time and now we’re back, back from Oslo, back to school, back to rhythm, and back to work. It’s amazing how much calm and quiet has descended on our family as we move into proper winter. January is also reflecting and planning time, so let me do just that.

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