Hibernation time

The Linden Market yesterday was a success. It was especially sweet to see people coming back for more EarthApple products. Sweet is an understatement, I was shocked and flattered and oh so happy that these little bags of mine are making such a great impression. It was so encouraging and exciting. Thank you.

Wondering what my creative space looks like the night before market? Pumpkin was helping me iron on Saturday night and her papa thought she was so cute he had to have a picture.

I was completely shocked to see how messy and crowded my workspace looks in this picture. But it is what it is. It won’t be a surprise to hear that one of the things that will happen in January is getting this space cleaned up!

And with that, I’m going to go away for a couple weeks to enjoy quiet holidays with my family and some very good friends. Wishing you restful and restorative holidays, see you in 2014!

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