These days

These days, these days full of school and pre-school commitments, holiday preparations, sewing, and taking care of the family, these days are full. Sometimes we get to dinner and it feels like the first time I’ve really sat down all day. Taking time to enjoy the forest across the street, the rare sunny moments, and these two amazing little people I get to live with – sometimes it doesn’t happen without a big dose of intention. So yesterday, we did just that.

2013 has been a hectic and hard year for our family. Things are starting to settle a little bit and it feels good. One thing we’ve learned is to treat this life as a team endeavor. Part of that is letting the littles in on the planning it takes to get through a day. It turns out they love it. Yesterday at breakfast, Pumpkin and I worked out a schedule for our morning. It looked like this:

  • Take Peanut to school
  • Laundry
  • Put away things upstairs
  • Walk (with camera)
  • Game
  • Cook dinner
  • Lunch
  • Pick up Peanut

It’s more than a little intimidating to see it all listed out like that. But it’s also somehow comforting to see how we are learning to fit in all the things that are important to us. Taking care of our house, getting outside, playing together, and cooking together, they can all fit into our morning. Back when we lived in Chicago, I read Sharifa Oppenheimer’s Heaven on Earth for the first time (she’s got a neat website based on the book). She writes practically about the importance of routine and what can help young children and their families get through days together. She encourages including young children in a simpler life, the outdoors, and care of the self and home.

At the time, it was all overwhelming. We had just moved from the Netherlands to a furnished apartment in Chicago. Peanut was 2. I was pregnant and home full-time for the first time, unsure how to fill all the hours of the day and get everything done s well. It seemed impossible to achieve even a little of what she described. Three years later, it’s rewarding to look back and see how far we’ve come. These things take time and sometimes they take a whole lot of time!

My new challenge is finding ways to do a bit of work while I play. Yesterday’s walk was a great opportunity to get out our SLR camera which has been laying dormant since we got a handy pocket sized camera last Christmas. I want to see if I can take better blog pictures with the SLR and recently read an article about product picture taking that talked about the wonders of a 50mm lens. We have the original adjustable (18-55mm) lens that came with our camera, but I adjusted it to about 50mm and went ahead and took a jazillion pictures of Pumpkin. Near the end I took a couple pictures of my scarf as well. They came out great. It’s a super long Noro Striped Scarf and I wear it every day.

  • How do you get through your days?

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  1. Olivia RuiZamora

    Thank you so very much for your support with the ride across the USA. This means so much to me to have a wonderful person like you support me. Thank You, Thank You!

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