Market Choices


My first market experience has given me my first real feedback on what products and colors are going to work at this particular market. While part of me wishes that my story will be the one of the girl who hit the ground running, in reality, I expect it will take a year or longer to really figure out what I want to make (lots of) and what you lovely folk want to own. So, with that in mind, I’ve a couple plans for the next round (December 22 at the Linden Market – coming?).

For one thing, there will be more bibs. The bibs sold very well and muted colors were more popular, a bit to my surprise. So I’ve made some more using the teal with flowers and a couple of new combinations with and a nice sea scape blue and the happy brown with forest elements above.

I’m also planning to make a few more little notebook covers. They were a fun project to use scraps. In fact, I even failed to take pictures of them! They both sold fairly quickly, so that’s a good reason to make a few more and soon!

Finally, I’m going to make four pillow cases. Not sure yet how they will look, but they will have overlapping closures (no zips, so all soft and comfy!). Two will be scrappy appliques and I’m not sure yet about the other two. It’s exciting to think about it!

And just for fun – it may be freezing at night around here, but that isn’t stopping the roses in this garden. This last rose is holding on and even blooming in our garden right now. It’s a little December magic, if you ask me!

Happy making….

December Rose

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