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Did you know I also knit? I like knitting. It’s portable, doesn’t require electricity, keeps my hands busy (not snacking) during rare DVD moments, and results in wonderfully soft, warm pieces. They’re usually small. There’s nothing really ambitious about my knitting. A child’s sweater will do for me. Until lately, there’s always been one project going at the time. Somehow, though, the knitting basket exploded this fall. Come to think of it, my personal project list in general has exploded of late. Want a peek?

Here’s my official list of current personal WIPs (Dad – that’s works in progress!) and a few details.

  • Little Sister’s Dress (gift) in purple Garnstudio Big Merino. A few more rows to go, then finishing.*
  • Mittens (Pumpkin) in Mirasol Hacho merino. My pattern based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s mittens in Knitting Without Tears. Need to kitchner stitch first pair.*
  • Monster Hat (Peanut, by special request) in Garnstudio Merino Extra Fine. Needs a face & hair.*
  • Kinetic Cowl (just because) in very fuzzy Lana Grossa Arya Light. Needs assembly.
  • Corduroy pants (Peanut): He’s picked fabric from my stash and given me his spec sheet, a drawing with relevant details. Need to draft pattern.
  • Black long sleeve t-shirt (me): Needs some surgery and re-serging.
  • Long sleeve t-shirt (Pumpkin): She’s selected fabric and contrasting cuff/neck lining. Need to draft pattern.
  • Knight’s tunic (Peanut): dream project – I’ve drawn it up, but need to see if I have what I need to make it before Christmas. Need to draft pattern.*
  • Shoulder bag (Pumpkin): She’d love one and I’d love to make one in time for Christmas. Need to draft pattern.*
  • Piles of mending and hemming

  • *projects to finish before Christmas

    Wow – what a thing to see them all listed out like that. There’s a chance of at least getting a couple knits done in the coming week. The rest might be a wee bit ambitious. But I am so excited to sew more knits! If you follow my Facebook page you might have seen a glimpse of a new machine. It’s my new serger. So so so excited to have it. Got most of the way through my first shirt, though, and found my seems looking like this on the outside.

    Ladder seam

    That would be not according to plan at all. It turns out the tension on one of the needles (seriously – two needles – wow) was loose. I’m going to have to take out most of the seams and start over. But that’s part of the joy, right?

    What projects are you working on? Which of these projects would you like to see more about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure to let you know how it turns out!

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