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Last week I achieved a major milestone. EarthApple went to market for the first time and it was a success! As is my nature, I spent loads of energy in the preceding weeks worrying about every little detail I could think of. My reward was a positive market experience. There was plenty of product. I worked on my display at home and then, miracle of miracles, it worked out on location. While my doubts about my design and sewing skills will probably never disappear or even decrease (sorry, friends and family who will have to continue to live with that), at least the logistics don’t seem to be too much of a problem. This wasn’t at all an independent project, though, I’ve had great help all along the way to make it all work.

If there’s one piece of advice to share, it would be to find someone lovely who does beautiful work to share a stall with! Marieke and her gorgeous prints on wood (see them on her Pinterest page) attracted lots of interest. Lucky for me, most everyone had to walk right by my display to look at her prints. On my own, there might have been less interest. It was also a real learning experience to get to watch her process from close by.

My friends have also been incredibly supportive. That would include all the friends who’ve been supportive from afar as well as those nearby who have been my first customers. It’s really something to show people your work and all kinds of positive comments. While I’m not sure they’re all well deserved, they have all been most appreciated.

My family has also been great. I’ve got two littles at home who have completely accepted the fact that mama works at home now sometimes. Lately it’s seemed a lot like all the time (to all of us). They let me work while they play and know how to remind me when I’ve been working too long and not paying enough attention as well. There’s also a husband at home who’s been ultra-supportive. He’s running the supportive spouse marathon and winning as far as I’m concerned. For years, he’s encouraged every stolen sewing moment and cheered on every guilt-inducing pretty pattern book purchase. Now he’s doing his best to help create and protect sewing and working time. It’s quite a challenge for a family who’s trying to do it without sending the littles to daycare, but so far we’re making work and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with gratitude for all the little things that are coming together to make this possible.

The next market is 22 December and I’m full of ideas again. Will you be coming?

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