Hibernation time

The Linden Market yesterday was a success. It was especially sweet to see people coming back for more EarthApple products. Sweet is an understatement, I was shocked and flattered and oh so happy that these little bags of mine are making such a great impression. It was so encouraging and exciting. Thank you.

Wondering what my creative space looks like the night before market? Pumpkin was helping me iron on Saturday night and her papa thought she was so cute he had to have a picture.

I was completely shocked to see how messy and crowded my workspace looks in this picture. But it is what it is. It won’t be a surprise to hear that one of the things that will happen in January is getting this space cleaned up!

And with that, I’m going to go away for a couple weeks to enjoy quiet holidays with my family and some very good friends. Wishing you restful and restorative holidays, see you in 2014!

Too much fun

Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been having too much fun in my workroom this week. These scrap-booklet covers are tons of fun to make, from picking out the scraps to the applique work, which is a bit more down and dirty than piecing or sewing in zippers. Scratch that – a lot more down and dirty. Want to see how they turn out? Come see visit the Linden Market! I’ll be in the Lindenberg downtown Nijmegen Sunday, 22 December from 12 – 17. I’ll be on the third (second if you’re Dutch) floor again with Marieke and her wonderful pictures printed on wood. See you there!

These days

These days, these days full of school and pre-school commitments, holiday preparations, sewing, and taking care of the family, these days are full. Sometimes we get to dinner and it feels like the first time I’ve really sat down all day. Taking time to enjoy the forest across the street, the rare sunny moments, and these two amazing little people I get to live with – sometimes it doesn’t happen without a big dose of intention. So yesterday, we did just that.

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Market Choices


My first market experience has given me my first real feedback on what products and colors are going to work at this particular market. While part of me wishes that my story will be the one of the girl who hit the ground running, in reality, I expect it will take a year or longer to really figure out what I want to make (lots of) and what you lovely folk want to own. So, with that in mind, I’ve a couple plans for the next round (December 22 at the Linden Market – coming?).

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WIP Report


Did you know I also knit? I like knitting. It’s portable, doesn’t require electricity, keeps my hands busy (not snacking) during rare DVD moments, and results in wonderfully soft, warm pieces. They’re usually small. There’s nothing really ambitious about my knitting. A child’s sweater will do for me. Until lately, there’s always been one project going at the time. Somehow, though, the knitting basket exploded this fall. Come to think of it, my personal project list in general has exploded of late. Want a peek?

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Slow and steady

Card Holder in progress

I’m a racer when it comes to work. I like to get things done, have always liked to get things done and want to get them done quickly as possible. The more production sewing that happens in my work room, the more apparent it becomes that speedy sewing is not going to help my cause at all! On the contrary, it’s becoming increasingly important to take things one step at a time and to take the time to check my work before moving on. When you’re making ten pieces at a time, it’s awfully easy to make a mistake ten times before realizing you’ve done it once. Ugh. So what to do?

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Hello! Heb je EarthApple gezien op de Lindenmarket of ergens anders? Dan heb je de goede website gevonden! Hier houd ik een blog bij en is er ook informatie over mij en verkoop punten.

Wil je contact met mij opnemen? Stuur dan een email!

To market to market

Lindenmarket Stall

Last week I achieved a major milestone. EarthApple went to market for the first time and it was a success! As is my nature, I spent loads of energy in the preceding weeks worrying about every little detail I could think of. My reward was a positive market experience. There was plenty of product. I worked on my display at home and then, miracle of miracles, it worked out on location. While my doubts about my design and sewing skills will probably never disappear or even decrease (sorry, friends and family who will have to continue to live with that), at least the logistics don’t seem to be too much of a problem. This wasn’t at all an independent project, though, I’ve had great help all along the way to make it all work.

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