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Lindenmarket site visit

On Sunday, 1 December EarthAppleStudio will be making her market debut at the Lindenmarket in Nijmegen. I’ll be at the Lindenberg (right downtown) from 12:00 until 17:00 helping turn this work space into a lively, inspiring market. Will you?

This came about when Marieke offered to share her market table with me. She takes pictures and prints them on plywood. The effect is stunning! Have a look at her Pinterest page. She’s the pro and I’m going to see if I can keep up just a wee little bit.

I’m all nerves and sleeplessness just now. It’s a great big unknown to be behind the table and to fill it with things I designed and made. I’m equally worried that everything will be coming home with me and that nothing will. If it all comes home, there will be nothing but sewing from Tuesday until the next market on 22 December. If everything comes home, there will be nothing but reevaluating this little endeavor from now until my mind implodes.

The sewing is improving and happening at all hours. Learning and improving the process has been as important as making beautiful things. There’s no way this will work out if it takes me an hour to make a card holder. I’m trying to work with something like a checklist. It’s the pilot model (the one they are implementing in operating rooms) where you use a checklist every time you do it because no matter how often you’ve done it, something can slip through the cracks. Granted, sewing isn’t life saving work, but it would be nice to avoid another incidence of taking apart a dozen zipper bags in order to insert a forgotten label. The whole idea is grand. Taking the time to make a proper checklist is a bit less sexy than it sounds, though. But well done and they might be the basis for patterns to offer in the future…

Finished more bags last week. Made a few of them box bottom as well. What do you think?

Box Bottom Zipper Bag

Zipper Bags galore

Edit 29 November 2013: fixed Pinterest link

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