Bib-iddy bob-iddy


Would it not be cool to show you new bibs and a new bob? One of these days I’m going to manage a haircut appointment, but until then – bibs. Bibs for kids. Kids who like to eat, smear, spill, splash, and on and on. When our littles were bib wearing age, I found few bibs that seemed to work for us. They were either too flimsy or too small or to hard to tie with strings and whatnot. So here we have it: a big old pretty bib with snaps. Oh yes – snaps. Ahem.

Snaps seem like such a great idea, but in reality, they’ve been a problem for me. I went ahead and got myself the little snaps pliers and lots and lots of snaps a few years ago (Peanut was still in baby clothes, so it was a while ago). Here’s how applying snaps goes: puzzle, confusion, insight, preparation, squeeze, ACK!, pull apart, throw away, start over. I was batting less than 50%. I was putting holes in everything, everywhere. The good news is that I didn’t have that experience with the bibs. Three of them have good snaps (first time good) in them, largely thanks to the fact that I gave up on the pliers and went for the old plastic applicator and hammer approach. Who doesn’t love an excuse to use a hammer when you’re sewing?!

My first solution was to go looking for more snaps. They are expensive, friends. And twice the cost when you consider the fact that I throw nearly half of them away. Then I happened on KAM snaps. I’ve seen these before and had some mixed feelings. They’re plastic, which I’m not such a fan of. They also appear to require that you put a little hole in your fabric. Also not such a fan. But I’m starting to sway – apparently these are the snaps on our diapers. That’s good news. Those are serious snaps and work work work! They’re also a lot less expensive. Also good. Matching colors to fabric sounds like fun.

So that’s where I am officially in the market for KAM pliers and snaps. I’ve been fussing for a bit because they don’t seem to be quite so economically available in the Netherlands. That’s one of those things I don’t understand. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered a big old company or brand that seems to be available all over Europe except in the Netherlands. It’s a bit mystifying. Those of you who know me can enjoy a good hearty belly chuckle right about now since once again, I’ve found just the right thing and can’t convince myself to just buy it. That despite suspecting I’m going to write something adoring about it in a month or so. Have you ever used KAM snaps? What did you think?

I need to get moving on this – the Lindenmarket is coming up FAST. 1 December 2014, these bibs will briefly see the light (sun, please) of day before being packed off to happy homes, I hope!

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  1. Ken

    These are absolutely cute. I know that the snaps make all the difference, easy on, easy off. Very creative incorporation of the measuring tape numbers. These bid clearly do measure up !

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