Card Holders

Card Holders
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Over the past couple years, the number of cards I’ve been carrying around has multiplied. Not only are there bank cards, library and museum cards for me and kids, but nearly every store I go into has some kind of tracking, I mean loyalty, program they want to give me a card for. It’s exasperating and my poor wallet can’t handle it. My aesthetic senses were groaning at the little zipper bag I’ve been using for cards as well. I know, you remember my ode to zipper bags and can’t believe I just wrote that, right? Well, a solution was in order.

These little card holders have two pockets for cards and a button closure. Each side can hold 3 or 4 plastic cards or a whole pile of business cards. Mine fits neatly into my little every day bag and is also easy to find in a bigger (um, mama) bag. They are lined with a heavy weight interfacing, so they’re nice and sturdy. They will hold their shape even when empty.

I really enjoyed making these little guys and was a bit sad to drop them off at Modalena yesterday. But it’s OK. I’m already making plans for another set. It would be interesting to see how they work out with wool or maybe even a bit of leather for a more masculine look.

What on earth am I going to do with all these ideas? I’m feeling so lucky to be making as much as I am and just astonished by the fact that the ideas and variations just keep coming. This is going to be so much fun!

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