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Zipper bags ready to go
13 10 Weimar

Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the joy of zipper bags. Obviously, one needs to have them in every possible size and material. Some soft, some a bit sturdier, at least one waterproof, translucent is nice as well to save the deep digging. I use them for everything: pencils, travel bags (at least one each for toiletries, medicines & bandaids, chargers and cords, underwear and socks, office supplies, passports and documents, cards and cash), makeup, office supplies, coupons, and the list goes on and on. So as far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many! Making many is another issue all together.

In desigining and making these bags I came up against one of my biggest challenges. The thing is, I don’t return to projects. My history of making is a series of things I made once, was mostly satisfied with, learned a few things from, and then tried to apply the lessons to other projects. There are just too many interesting things in the world to make to go back and do the same thing over and over again, right? Right – unless you’re going to start a making beautiful things business.

In that situation, you’re duty bound to make, remake, redesign, rework, rethink, and so on and so forth until you have made the very very very very best you can. The very best. Are we there yet? Getting closer all the time. The perfectionist in me will never ever be satisfied. But the business person/pragmatist is learning. So what have we learned?

Much much progress can be made from zipper bag 1.0 to zipper bag 1.1. Here I was able to finalize the pattern, start experimenting with zipper color, improve my process, decide on the interfacing weight, and eliminate the inside pocket. Eliminating the inside pocket for now allows me to offer a similar item at a lower cost (less time, mostly) and to make enough to adequately stock my market stall in four weeks (Hold on – I need to panic for a minute)…

I also see that while I enjoy the fun fabrics, the linen is really my favorite. I’d be a pretty happy girl with linen on tap. It’s is such an amazing fabric to me. It’s got this raw beauty, a lustre that is unbeatable. It’s also super tough stuff. My original linen handbag has held up through four summers of heavy use. Only at the end of this past summer has it started to wear a bit. I’m planning to put a pretty patch on it and keep on going, I love it that much!

These bags will be back on my Sewing Tuesday making rotation in the next couple weeks and I’m so excited to see what the next batch will look like. If you’d like one for yourself, they all went to Modalena yesterday where they are on display and ready for sale!

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