Market Madness

Lindenmarket site visit

On Sunday, 1 December EarthAppleStudio will be making her market debut at the Lindenmarket in Nijmegen. I’ll be at the Lindenberg (right downtown) from 12:00 until 17:00 helping turn this work space into a lively, inspiring market. Will you?

This came about when Marieke offered to share her market table with me. She takes pictures and prints them on plywood. The effect is stunning! Have a look at her Pinterest page. She’s the pro and I’m going to see if I can keep up just a wee little bit.

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Inspiration: Sprout Tree

Tree Sprout

Inspiration cabbage

Let us...


I found a tree in a brussel sprout. It was a sweet little surprise. I’m the only brussel sprout eater in my house, which makes no sense to me at all since they are delicious. “Eat your brussel sprouts” sounds terrible, though. “Want to eat a tiny tree?” sounds so much better. Won’t work, but will be fun to try. The real question is – why look so closely at my vegetables?!

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Eats: Cabbage & Sausage Pot

Cabbage & Sausage Pot

Cabbage & Sausage pot

We live in the eastern side of the Netherlands. The distinction is a bit silly when you realize the west, even the farthest edges of it is only a couple hours away, but it’s an important distinction. We’re not as hip as Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We’re not as important as the Hague. But we are just a grey and rainy and generally miserable as far as the weather is concerned. That sounds a bit like all the pain none of the glory. Not intended. Life is good here. That’s especially true when you’ve hit on a yummy recipe to get you through the cold damp months.

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Technique: Bias Tape Edge

Agendas again
Stitch in the ditch foot

I’ve sewn more often and more consistently in the past month or so than any time I can remember. Sewing Tuesdays have made a huge difference. I’m also getting better at finding ways to combine sewing with the littles. After all, I’m a mama at home with the kids every day. This is my second job. Luckily the kids often want a parental presence as much as anything else. Turning pieces and taking things apart (happens too much!) can happen in the living room as easily as the workroom. We all like that. I’m also learning some techniques to make my sewing time more efficient.

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Bib-iddy bob-iddy


Would it not be cool to show you new bibs and a new bob? One of these days I’m going to manage a haircut appointment, but until then – bibs. Bibs for kids. Kids who like to eat, smear, spill, splash, and on and on. When our littles were bib wearing age, I found few bibs that seemed to work for us. They were either too flimsy or too small or to hard to tie with strings and whatnot. So here we have it: a big old pretty bib with snaps. Oh yes – snaps. Ahem.

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Card Holders

Card Holders
13 11

Over the past couple years, the number of cards I’ve been carrying around has multiplied. Not only are there bank cards, library and museum cards for me and kids, but nearly every store I go into has some kind of tracking, I mean loyalty, program they want to give me a card for. It’s exasperating and my poor wallet can’t handle it. My aesthetic senses were groaning at the little zipper bag I’ve been using for cards as well. I know, you remember my ode to zipper bags and can’t believe I just wrote that, right? Well, a solution was in order.

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Mixing and matching

Pairing fabrics
Fabric combinations

This is how I start my sewing day. Usually, I’ve spent some time during the week thinking about what a few fabrics I want to try. Think of it as Mama-meditation, or being distracted by thinking about fabric while biking to school, cutting fruit, watching toddlers eat lunch, and on and on. In the morning, I clear some space, pull out a few starting pieces (these are usually the bolder patterns) and then start looking for good pairings in the stash. It all sounds so simple, but over the years I’ve had to learn a lot in order to make it work.

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Zipping along

Zipper bags ready to go
13 10 Weimar

Let’s pause a moment to appreciate the joy of zipper bags. Obviously, one needs to have them in every possible size and material. Some soft, some a bit sturdier, at least one waterproof, translucent is nice as well to save the deep digging. I use them for everything: pencils, travel bags (at least one each for toiletries, medicines & bandaids, chargers and cords, underwear and socks, office supplies, passports and documents, cards and cash), makeup, office supplies, coupons, and the list goes on and on. So as far as I’m concerned, you can’t have too many! Making many is another issue all together.

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