2014 Desk Agendas

Agenda collage

I have a little confession to make. I love keeping an agenda. One is the fact that without one I’d be a complete wreck. The mom who doesn’t know what time to pick up her kids? That’s me. An agenda (a nice big one) gives me a place to write down appointments, but also household reminders (change sheets), meal plans, and things to do. Unfortunately, most journals fall into two categories: fun/useless/expensive or boring/useful/affordable. My solution was to buy a good useful journal and pretty it up, you can see my first agenda cover on my other blog. Over the years, my agenda needs have expanded, so now I’m making a desk size, and you can have one, too!

I used duck for the outside and high quality quilting cotton for the inside. Duck is a nice heavy canvas that I found in great prints. One of my favorite parts of this project was picking cottons for the insides. Each agenda cover is unique. I like to add a bit of punch in the colors. My favorites are the grey-yellow pairing and the navy blue-lime green. Nothing like having some cheerful colors on the inside to make opening the cover just a bit more fun. There are pockets inside both the front and back covers. Shallow pockets in the front for business cards or receipts and deeper pockets in the back for larger notes or papers. The closures are either elastic or button with elastic cord.

The agenda is the Brepols Timing. Brepols makes great quality agendas. I like the cream colored paper and the light color of the text. That means the things I have to see (my own notes) pop instead of getting lost in heavy black lines. This agenda has the hours of the day vertically. I like it because I can see where my blocks of time are. It’s also really helpful to be able to read things like meal plans straight across the page. That makes grocery shopping lists easier! The Timing is a hardcover agenda. You can get a new agenda next year and use the same cover!

These agendas will be available starting this weekend at Modalena in Nijmegen and will also be with me at the Lindenmarket December 1 & 22.

Updated 7 November 2013: changed pictures & added link to Modalena

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