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Family sewing

This little undertaking of mine is getting more and more serious by the week. In many ways it’s a dream come true to start a business by way of blog, product, brand, markets, and so on and so forth. It’s also a major change for our family. I’ve been a full-time mama for three and a half years, helping guide our little family through one new addition, three moves (two of them international), school, and all of the things in-between. It’s been intense. Now things are starting to settle. We aren’t planning to move for a good long time and are ready for life to get right boring!

Coming out on the other side of this, I have a completely different sense of myself. I’ve learned that I’m a creative person down to my bones. All the making that I dabbled in over the years, the visits to museums and markets, the ogling craft and design books and blogs, all of that was something that existed on the periphery. Now it gets to come front and center, to be in the spotlight. The making part of me is so incredibly content right now. The ideas just keep coming. In fact, contrary to what I expected, ideas are flowing faster than ever before!

The biggest change our family faces is to find ways to give mama time and space to work. On the one hand, that means making it clear to little ones that when mama’s working, she’s working. I have a hard time remembering that as well. It’s so incredibly easy to be pulled back into the mothering role when you’re working at home. The other is just that – me learning the discipline of working when there’s time to work and letting other people take care of home and family responsibilities.

Thus, we have settled on sewing Tuesdays. On Tuesdays, I sew. The littles bike or ride to school and preschool with their papa and I get to work. It’s a revelation to work in the daylight, in my work room, uninterrupted. In the past, sewing was only accomplished by either working together or sewing late into the night. It was squished into the little bits of time that were leftover. Despite having dedicated time now, what I’m seeing already is that no day is going to be long enough. There will always be more to do, something left undone. It’s frustrating. But I’m learning to get comfortable with it. After all, on Tuesday I get to sew again!

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