EarthApple is potato

Zwiebelmarkt in Weimar

In Dutch, it’s aardapel. In German, you can say erdapfel (although not many do or will). In French, it’s pomme de terre. Earth and apple. Earth embracing nature, connecting us through the soles of our feet to this big old spinning wonderland. Apple reaching for the skies, red, bright, promising, sometimes golden, symbolizing knowledge but also the fall, harvest, the crunch of leaves under your feet, the seductive combination of crunch, sweet, sour, and juicy on your tongue. Put them together and you get potato. It’s the common potato, under the earth, basic, elemental, often taken for granted but also irreplaceable.

In English it’s EarthApple. A brand that stands for basic beauty, creativity inspired by nature, infusing the mundane with delight, combining the raw and the refined, and craft without crafting.

I am so very excited to embark on this adventure. The EarthApple name has been with me for a long time. It wasn’t until the time came to choose a name for this venture of mine that I started to think about it and reflect on all the reasons it means anything to me at all. The poetry that I found shocked me and leaves me groping for words. How can it be that this little word(s) seem to contain a whole world of things that delight and inspire me? I have no idea, but it gives me the tickles. With a bit of luck and whole lot of hard work, some of the things I’m going to make will do the same for you.

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