Little apples, little labels

EarthApple labels

Yesterday was another milestone “let’s get this show on the road” moment. My Versacraft stamp pad finally arrived. I chose Versacraft for stamping on fabric based on this review. It took me far too long to get myself organized about ordering that little stamp pad, but once I finally ordered from Noeks, it only took a day or two arrive and a few hours to put it to use! I’ve had a vision of this particular label for quite some time now. It’s been coming together slowly, but every step has been a bit dream-like. What a dramatic story for a label, right? I’ll share.

I’ve long admired Geninne Zlatkis’s work. She makes beautiful things, inspired by nature, simple, and strong. She’s recently written a book about stamp making and stamping called Making an Impression that I’ve been coveting. Over the summer, I finally treated myself to a copy of the book and a stamp carving tool. I had been waiting to get the Uniball tool that’s popular in the States, but found another type here that I actually like a lot better. That’s not based on comparison, mind you, but on my ideas of what goes into a good tool. My Abig Lino-cutting tool is made of wood, comes in a little storage box that also keeps little fingers away from sharp knives, and works on friction. The pressure of using the blades keeps them in place and when you’re done you push them out with a little wooden dowel. It can’t be simpler, which is exactly why I like it.

The first stamp I attempted was a little apple. The EarthApple name was already floating around in my head and extended on-line searches yielded not a single stamp that corresponded with the image in my head. Wouldn’t you know, the first stamp I made was just right. It was crazy! I don’t think of myself as someone who can draw, but this little apple (it’s a little more than a centimeter in diameter) was just right.

So last night, it was a matter of ironing meters of twill tape, hand stamping the little apples, ironing to heat-set, cutting, folding, ironing, and depositing them in a little box. Now I’ve got a little box of tabs. There are 83 of them. They’re so cute just sitting there, but they’re also insistent little critters. They want me to use them up. They all want to be given a new home on a beautiful piece handmade by me. I do believe there is work to be done!

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