Zip me a bag

Lined zipper bag with pocket

Lined zipper bag with pocket

After all that fabric buying and inspiration, this week I finally got started on making. I’ve had a couple of ideas percolating for a while now. In the past, I’ve thought mainly in terms of individual pieces. Usually those pieces corresponded with my needs. As in – oh, I need a bag. Hey, why not design and make one?! Now, I’m trying to think in terms of a product line. That means, not just a single bag, but a series that works together. When the realization came to me it was scary. Now that I’ve started working, it’s fantastic. There’s no need to stop with one piece, I can just keep going on to the next one!

The first piece I worked on was this lined zipper bag. A girl can never have too many zipper bags. They keep things together and organize larger spaces (that big bag you’re carrying, for example!). I use them daily for self-care doodads, pens and pencils, and other odd bits and pieces. This one is a great size for make-up, pens, or sewing supplies. I added the inside pocket to catch the little things that always seem to drift to the bottom when you need them – for me it’s hair ties and safety pins. I also like to carry a little pad of sticky notes, but they never survive my pencil bag! This bag has a medium weigh interfacing which means it will keep its shape even when empty. It also means it won’t collapse around whatever you’re carrying, handy.

I worked with two of my favorite materials – linen and quilting cotton. Nothing lets those beautiful colors and patterns shine like a bit of linen. The effect gets me every time. In fact, I find that a lot of the patterns and colors I see on a bolt are overwhelming. When they’re cut small and placed next to the plain linen, they suddenly shine. That’s what happened with this one. It’s from the Central Park series by Deborah Edwards. Unfortunately, I only bought a quarter of a yard and it’s already nearly gone. I’ll have to get more!

Of course, the best part about designing one bag is finding the idea for the next bubbling up while you work. In this case, it was a coordinating card case. I’ve been looking one for myself, so this idea goes back to my old “what do I need” habit. The result is great. Pictures and post coming soon!

Product info:
This bag measures 20×12 centimeters (about 7 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches). The inside pocket measures 7×8.5 centimeters (about 2 3/4 x 3 1/4 inches) I’ll be using the prototype myself, but making more to sell soon. Click on the Shop link above to see where you can find one for yourself or a lucky friend!

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