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Fabric shopping (part 1)Fabric shopping (part 3)

I’ve been buying fabric these past few days. Lots and lots of fabric. It is so much fun to have permission (at last?!) to walk into a really nice fabric shop and pick out a dozen or so bolts of fabric, take them to the cutting table, and ask for a quarter yard of each. It’s also pretty darn scary.

You see, I’m going to try this making thing, try it for real and for keeps. When we get back home, I’ll be making things for my friend’s shop in Nijmegen, Modalena. It’s in the Moelenhoekpassage at the top of the escalator if you want to stop by. It’s the first time I’ll be making to sell. It is so very exciting. I’ve been thinking about starting my own business for a long time now. The idea of doing things for myself has been burbling for a while now. For a long time, the thought of making wasn’t very appealing. It seems like work I don’t have time for with two littles and life going on all around us. But the longer I thought about it, the clearer it became that I love to make. It’s the thing I stay up too late for. It’s the thing I day dream about. Pattern ideas can keep me awake. Beautiful fabrics can do the same. Suddenly, the opportunity to make without inventing an excuse (all games need their own little bag, right? right?) seemed just right to me.

So I’m buying fabric and dreaming up ideas all the while, certain that people are going to look at these things I make, pick them up, admire them, put them down, and keep on walking. How is that for positive thinking? No matter – the fabric is seriously pretty stuff and sewing is going to be so much fun. And my 2014 gift stash is going to be awesome!

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